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It's OKAY to Not Be 'Okay'.

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

We often times put pressure on ourselves to “be okay” or pretend that we’re okay even when we’re not. Our automatic response when someone asks us “How are you?” Is usually...”I’m good”.

≫ So why is this...

Are you afraid you’ll make someone uncomfortable if you tell them the truth?

Do you even know how you’re truly feeling or are you just on autopilot?

There are plenty of reasons why so many of us feel a sense of pressure to appear ‘Okay’ even when we’re not. Our automatic thoughts and the framework that we’ve created (schemas) which helps us know how to respond to things are powerful! These will often dictate how we respond to a particular situation, leaving you to feel like you don’t even need to think about’s almost second nature.

So here’s a little challenge for you - next time someone asks you “How are you?”, take a moment to pause and truly think about how you’re feeling, without judgment. ✦ Be m i n d f u l ✦ I’m not saying you need to go on a 5 minute explanation about why your morning actually isn’t all that great, but just pause and check in with yourself.

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