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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

≫ Let’s talk ‘Self Talk’.

That little inner voice or critic that you can never seem to get rid of...Sometimes it can be super helpful to keep you motivated and working toward your goals, but other times it can be really self sabotaging and unkind. Throughout the day you have on average of about 80,000 thoughts! And of those 80,000, 64,000 are negative! Yep, that’s 80%. Many of them you probably aren’t even aware of, because we aren’t typically taught to pay attention to our self talk. However, all of these thoughts are impacting the way you feel and therefore the way that you act and the things that you do.

☞ The good news is that we can rewire our brains to stop our thoughts from being so negative, which can have a positive impact on our mood and our behaviors.

The first step to doing this is #AWARENESS. You have to be able to identify the thoughts in order to change them.

✦ So a challenge for today: As weird as it sounds, think about your thoughts. Are they positive...negative...neutral? It may be easiest to first identify the emotion you are feeling (i.e frustrated, sad) and then try to identify the thoughts that are accompanying this feeling.

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